Windshield Rubber Seals

Apr 07, 2015
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Rubber Extrusion Seals

Material: EPDM Rubber, PVC, Silicone,plastic etc.
type: Self adhesive rubber seals,E shapes, D shape, P type, U, V etc.
Style: Rubber sealing strip
the specification,sharps and colors can be according the customer's requirement and drawings.

1. Sponge/Foam Extrusion.
2. Solid/compact Extrusion.
3. Co-extruded seal strip.
4. PVC&Rubber compound extrusion.
5. All these can be with metal insertion.

The Feature:'s rubber edge trim are widely used in industry, curtain walls, car doors,agriculture, including building, automotive sealings, doors and windows for decorating etc, avoiding dust, water or air to leak inside the cabin.
It's good ozone-resistant, chemical resistant, Weather&temperature resistant and has excellent
Appearance in flexibility Anti-aging, antiradiation.
Manufacture wide range of rubber profile, rubber seals, rubber strip, tubing, cord or custom rubber extrusion
Shapes for Auto industry, mechanical, construction, etc, the extrusions also can be made in PVC. Our rubber
Extrusion includes but not limited, D sponge Seal, Rubber bulb, rubber U channel, T section seal, Edge Trim, Flock
Lined rubber, flat square sponge rubber, window rubber, weather strip etc. Custom design could be available.
General data:
Material: EPDM, Nitrile(NBR), Neoprene(CR), Silicon, Viton, SBR, Natual rubber and various other basic raw materials.
Hardness: From 35 to 85 Share A.
Temperature resistance: -50 to +260 Degrees Centigrade (up to 300C for short periods).
Various color are available, like black, red, white, blue. etc.
Grade: Industrial grade; Food grade(FDA approval). Medical grade.
Size available: 1mm to 150mm high and width
Length: Continous.
Different sections as per your sample or drawings, do believe that we can supply competitive price &quality with best service.
we are the largest rubber edge trim,rubber seal strips, rubber extrusion seals and rubber parts manufacturer in China, Manufacture solid/sponge(Foam) rubber seal strip, co-extruded profiles, flocked profiles, profiles with metal inserts and vast Range of other products.