pvc edge trim ,rubber edge trim,u-shaped edge trim

Aug 31, 2018
pvc edge trim ,rubber edge trim,u-shaped edge trim

PVC edge guard in different application, also named PVC door seal,PVC decorative seal, extruded PVC edge strip, edge trim, PVC trim, channel PVC strip, clip trim, decorative edge trim, PVC edge trim,produced by PVC material and metal insertion.

PVC edge protector features:

1. High-quality PVC.
2.  Easy to install.
3.Flexible installation with a metal insert grips.
4.The variety of colors, play a decorative role


used for cars, tractors, buses, and other automotives; auto doors, windows, metal plate etc. to protect and decorative the edge


A: High flexible and plasticity, anti-aging, outstanding ozone performance, chemistry resistant, wearing-resistant.

B: Using range of temperature (minus 40 degree to 140 degree)

C: With steel, wire or aluminum insert and gripping tongue to achieve much more stronger gripping performance.

D: It is easy and fast to install.

E: Good looking (decorative), good sealing capacity and effective edge protection.

Main Functions

waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect, durable, elgant apperance,convenient etc.


Various colors available, e.g. black, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange or as per customer’s requirement.

Size & Shape

8*5.5, 9*6, 7*9.5, 6.5*11, 8*12, 8*13, 9.5*14, 10*15, 10.5*15, 12*16, 11*17, 14*18, 17*26, 15*13. Shapes and sizes can be customized as per customer’s request.

pvc edge trim ,rubber edge trim,u-shaped edge trim