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Rubber Door Trim Seal

container rubber seal strip

container rubber seal strip

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2, The product Hardnessis is 70+/-5SHA
3, Our rubber seal strip have excellent weather resistance,humidity resistance, and anti-aging resistance
4, There are various of sharps and colors, our rubber seal strip can produce as the buyer requirement.

Products are applied to railway container, dry cargo containers, reefer containers,  our container rubber seal strip widely used for sealing and heat preservation.
Our main product including the dry cargo container door gasket, reefer container door frame and gasket. products are widely used by various container factory and manufacturers.

Our company have more than 15 years experiences in this field, we can supply rubber product good quality with best price. welcome to contact us.

Technical Specifications




As customers design

Producing way:



45~75 shore


Black,Grey,White or according to customers’ requirements




Best Microwave Vulcanizating


Woven bag, Carton or according to customers’ requirements


For window,door,auto,etc


Rubber and Plastic Sealing strips/rubber Seal Strip for Container:

1,Our rubber product to be made from the modified PVC materias,different from other traditional rubber sealings.

2,Our seal strip are high snapping back plastic

3,passes through densely builds up,makes grain of, craft manufactures and so on software and hard strip extrusion formation

4,Our sealing are flexible with the hard strips

Advantages of our the rubber & plastic extruded seal/rubber strips for Container:

1,convenient deposits/simple and quick installment

2,the sealing strip are artistic with beautiful shape

3,Our rubber seal strip are durable with high quality
4,There are various of sharps and colors, our rubber seal strip can produce as the buyer requirement. colors of the rubber & plastic sealing strip for container: hoariness, monochrome, gray and black


Production Range

Extruded rubbber seal
Rubber extrusion seals
EPDM/PVC Rubber Seal

Rubber seal strip for door and windows
auto door rubber edge trim
Rubber Edge trim seals

Door andWindow rubber seals
Container rubber seal strip
EPDM extrusion profile/extrusion side profile

Silicone rubber tube/pipe

container rubber seal strip


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