waterproof rubber seal strip

  • waterproof rubber seal strip

waterproof rubber seal strip

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About our company

http://www.rubberedgetrims.net,which are located in xingtai city,hebei Province,China. we are specialized in manufacture and supplier of rubber and plastic seals,rubber edge trim, weather strip,rubber seal strips,pvc edge trim,and epdm rubber strip which are used in mechanical seals,automobile and car door seals, door and window industry and other construction industry,with more than 15 years experience and steady development,we has become recognized leader company of the rubber extrusions products in Hebei Province,China. We also produce and manufacture of pvc seal strip,rubber edge trim seals,rubber foam seal strip,rubber edge protection seal strip,and the aluminium window seal strip. These products are widely used in truck, car, shipping, railway, machinery, bridge, drilling industry, and other areas. The main materials are rubber, PU, PA, EPDM, PVC, silicon, NBR, BR, CR, TPE and ABS. Our company has already established good and cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers,door and window manufacturers..……

Our main product followings:

1,  Silicone extrusion seals

2, EPDM and PVC extruded seals
3, aotu rubber parts, auto rubber seals
4, Customer molded rubber part.
5,Extruded rubber parts
6,EPDM foam seal strip, EPDM sponge rubber seals,EPDM solid seals,epdm dense seal strip.
7,NBR dense parts.
8,Rubber,Silicone,EPDM and plastic molded part.
9,Other special TPU,CPVC,PPTPV,TPO,TPR,ABS,PVC,NBR extrusion seals.

Our Rubber seal strip applications:

Electrical equipment,automobile parts,automobile door and windows, industrial  building door and windows, construction machinery, tunnels, etc.

Our Rubber seal strip features:

Our rubber product have good chemical and excellent physical property,anti-age resistance, low and high temperature resistance, oil-resistance, dust resistance, humidity resistant, erosion resistant.

Our product's specifications:

Raw Material

EPDM,silicon,NBR,neoprene rubber or PVC,TPE,TPV


Black,gray,white,blue,green,brown,transparent etc.



Temperature Range

EPDM   - 40°C - 120°C

Silicone  - 60°C - 300°C

PVC      -30°C - 100°C


40~80 shore A


High and low temperature resistant, aging,old,weather,fire resistant,dust,water,corrosion,wearing,abrasion proof,inflaming retarding

Lead Time

Sample lead time: 3-7 days

Products lead time: 7-15 days

Our products begin and end with strict adherence to our clients' budgeting and scheduling time


Plastic bags inside,carton boxes outside or customized


We can produce the product according to customers' drawings or samples

waterproof rubber seal strip