u shaped pvc edge trim & rubber edge trims

Aug 20, 2018

u shaped pvc edge trim,rubber edge trims

PVC Edge trim is made from soft PVC material with the special metal clips and gripping tongues to provide a better gripping,Edge trims play a important role of decorating and protecting edges in the application.
u shaped pvc edge trim  is an excellent way to finish and protect exposed metal edges. The retainer is easily pressed over any metal edge and is held in place by the seal’s excellent gripping force. Flexibility of this seal depends on the retainer configuration: wire core or segmented steel core. Resilient edge trim can be used in a multitude of interior and exterior applications and is often used as decorative trim.

Other names: u shaped pvc edge trim,rubber edge trims, rubber-metal car door seal, steel carrier trim seals, wire carrier trim seals, aluminum carrier trim seals
Material PVC
Description - push on pvc 'U' trim. 
- Highly flexible product.
- reinforced with segmented metal spine 
- self gripping (trim has internal lips) 
- hardwearing and washable
Applications Van Doors, Boats, Golf Carts, Helmets, Truck Cabs, Riding Mowers, Computer Cabinets, Tractor Cabs, Fiberglass, Machinery Guards, Sheet Metal, Playground Equipments etc.

Heat resistant

Washable and hardwearing.

Strong tensile strength, good elasticity.

Temperature resistance and aging resistance.

No messy glue, sealant or permanent fixtures needed.

Main Functions

waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect, durable, elgant apperance,convenient etc.

Size & Shape

8*5.5, 9*6, 7*9.5, 6.5*11, 8*12, 8*13, 9.5*14, 10*15, 10.5*15, 12*16, 11*17, 14*18, 17*26, 15*13. Shapes and sizes can be customized as per customer’s request.