silicone rubber edge trim seal

  • silicone rubber edge trim seal

silicone rubber edge trim seal

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silicone rubber edge trim seal 
2.Easy to install and decorative

silicone rubber edge trim seal


Our Products Details:


Product name

silicone rubber edge trim seal


EPDM rubber,silicone rubber,NBR,PVC,etc.


Rubber edge trim's Features

1,Ozone resistance & chemical resistance.

2,High and low temperature resistance.

3,Good weather , humidity & water resistance.

4,excellent flexibility and elasticity,anti-aging, anti-radiation.

The usage

auto parts, sealing for door and windows,industrial,mechanical,building industrial, etc.


we passed ISO9001:2008, our product quality is good and price is competitive


we can produce the rubber seal strips as the custome's dimension and sharps & samples.


Paper Carton,plastic bags


silicone rubber edge trim


<span style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px none; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit;>ABOUT US: was established in 1999, which are located in xingtai city,hebei Province,China,we are specialized in manufacture and supplier of rubber and plastic seals,rubber edge trim, weather strip,rubber seal strips,pvc edge trim,and epdm rubber strip which are used in mechanical seals,automobile and car door seals, door and window industry and other construction industry,with more than 15 years experience and steady development,we has become recognized leader company of the rubber extrusions products in Hebei Province,China. We also produce and manufacture of pvc seal strip,rubber edge trim seals,rubber foam seal strip,rubber edge protection seal strip,and the aluminium window seal strip. These products are widely used in truck, car, shipping, railway, machinery, bridge, drilling industry, and other areas. The main materials are rubber, PU, PA, EPDM, PVC, silicon, NBR, BR, CR, TPE and ABS. Our company has already established good and cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers,door and window manufacturers..……


Our main product following:

a. Rubber & silicone extrusion seals

b. EPDM and PVC extrusion seals

c. Rubber door and windows extruded seals

d. High temperature & Low temperature resistant rubber seal strips

e. EPDM & PVC rubber strips

f. EPDM sponge seal strips,EPDM foam seal strips

g.NBR seal strip

h.Other materials such as TPR,TPV,TPO,TPU,NBR,PP,PVC,ABS,CPVC,  extruded seal strips


The Function:
Rubber seal strip can stop air, water and dust enter the machine system, 
which could protect the machine or parts to be healthy and working well.


The Features:
Excellent chemical and physical property, excellent oil, high/low temperature-resistant, wearing-resistant, oil-resistant, dust-resistant.

The Application:
auto parts,car door and windows,railcars,steamboat,industrial electrical equipment,building door and window,construction machinery,construction bridge and tunnel. Etc.


The Specification:

as the customer's requirements.