Self-adhesive seals

  • Self-adhesive seals

Self-adhesive seals

Self-adhesive seals,self adhesive rubber seal strip
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rubber strip( EPDM foam)

weather strip,rubber door seal strip,rubber  window seal strip

Our self adhesive seal's Features:

We are specilize in manufacture  and exporter  EPDM foam rubber with a self-adhesive backing ,
extensively tested to ensure protection against sound, smoke, weather, light, draughts, dust and even inserts.Window seals( D,P,E-shaped)

Our product application:

Provides an effective compression seal,easily cut to your desired length, simple and quick to install; suitable for using on door and window frames

The packing: 6m,24m, 150m

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rubber auto seal( with bulb), auto sealing strip, rubber car weatherstrip

Customer's design and specifications are accepted. We are ready to customize your product.

Product Specifications /Features

Self-adhesive rubber sealing using wooden-EPDM (EPDM)
rubber foam form, it has produced remarkable
excellent weather-resistant anti-aging properties of
ozone-resistant, corrosion-resistant chemical properties of
flexible foam seal
excellent heat resistance and cold (-50 ℃ ~ +170
℃) super-flexible, 200% of the cost-tensile
Product materials:
1, using high-quality EPDM rubber, foam production process.
2, imports of double-sided tape on the back of the layers
for the grid-like glass fibers.
The scope of application and installation methods:
1, applies to all kinds of doors, windows and so on.
2, to install: double-sided self-adhesive, you can
directly paste (paste on the surface must be smooth, clean,
smooth, dry).

EPDM foam self-adhesion seal strip
EPDM foam from sticky seal the main features of the article is as follows:
1. USES the high quality EPDM rubber raw material, good resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance, resistance to erosion, and has good performance of sulfide.
2. Has good heat resistance heat resistance and can withstand 150 ℃ high temperature.
3. The foam close and even, product quality of A material soft elasticres ilience, hardness can do 10-25 A.
4. Color and dimensions are in accordance with the requirements of the customer drawing size or samples.
5. But back since the sticky tape, high temperature resistant plastic use for a long time not to fall off, sealing is very good.
Suitable for:
Solid and EPDM foam from sticky article seal can be widely used in aviation aircraft parts, auto parts, electronic appliances, chemical industry, instruments, machinery, medical structure and so on the field. Weathering resistance requirements of high temperature field, outdoor places require high position, such as:-40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ environment of automobile air-conditioning equipment system. Temperature resistance and the environmental protection request higher area, such as: pharmaceutical, hospital and so on. USES: packing, buffer shockproof materials, sealers, gaskets, waterproof materials, etc.
Solid and electrical may according to the customer request, can be arbitrary cutting into various shapes, can take any specifications of glue and various types of 3 M glue.

self adhesive rubber seal strip