self-adhesive rubber seals strips

Nov 14, 2016

self-adhesive rubber seals strips

rubber sponge seal strip,
self adhesive rubber seal strip,
epdm foam rubber seal strip,
rubber faom seal strip,

EPDM foam rubber seal General sizes:

1.       D profile: 9*6mm 9*8mm 8*6mm

2.       P profile: 9*5.5mm

3.       E profile: 9*4mm

4.       I profile: 9*2mm

5.       V profile: 9*7mm

EPDM foam rubber seal Features:

1.       Anti-zone, anti-aging, weather resistance, oil resistance

2.       Excellent anti-UV performance, better flexibility

3.       Super elasticity and chemical corrosion resistance

4.       Firm and flexible; Easy to assembly

5.       Easy to stall and decorative

6.       Good fire and water resistance

7.       High and low temperature resistance(-40°c~+120°c )

8.       Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compressability,elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces

9.       Top quality and really competitive prices.

adhesive rubber seal strip for wooden door

Details of product


  EPDM, CR, Silicone, NBR,NR...


  Available in various colors.


  made at your requested special size 


  Excellent chemical and physical property, excellent oil, 
high/low temperature-resistant, wearing-resistant, oil-resistant, dust-resistant.


  Rubber seal could stop air, water and dust enter the machine system, 
which could  protect the machine or parts to be healthy and working well.


  various kinds of industry, machine and construction industry

      Production     shipment:


  Rapid production by machine

  Production capacity: 10 ton / Day

  Strictly quality controlling process

  On-Time delivery


  Strong cartons or according to customers require

       Deliver time:

  7 or 15 days upon receipt of your deposit


  L/C,  T/T,  Western Union,

self adhesive rubber seal strip,epdm foam sponge rubber seal strip,rubber seal strip for door and windows


RoHS approved, oil resistant, flexible, non-toxic, pressure resistant, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant,anti-bending with much longer life
Smooth surface, matte surface, foam density uniform( close cell, open cell), foam with adhesive;
Using range :the use of a wide temperature, high and low temperature resistance;

100% virgin raw materials, and pass strict inspection, accord with eco-friendly requirement.


Widely used in sealing door and window with the door or window flange firmly to avoid dust, water or air to leak inside.
Widely used in sealing the gap of all kinds of machine equipment to advoid dust, water and etc.
mainly used in glass curtain wall, and also apply to some kinds of car ,vehicle,cabinet.