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Rubber Door Trim Seal

Self adhesive EPDM Sponge Rubber Seal

Self adhesive EPDM Sponge Rubber Seal,epdm sponge rubber seal strip,adhesive rubber seal strip


  • Excellent Resistance to Water, Moisture, Low Temperature, Ozone and Sunlight
  • Excellent aging Resistance
  • Excellent Flammability Resistance
We can extruded a wide range extruded rubber profiles with 3m tape backing!
About Us:
we are major OEM supplier rubber edge trim seals in China, and we have built our reputation by delivering quality, cost-effective sealing solutions to suit customers' specific needs.
Main Products:
  1. Dense/Solid/Compact EPDM Rubber Profile
  2. Sponge/Foam/Cellular EPDM Rubber Profile
  3. Dual Durometer EPDM Rubber Profile
  4. Bulb Trim Seal (left, top, right) with steel clip/steel wire reinforcement
  5. Flocked/coated Glass Run Channel
  6. EPDM Glass Run Channel with TPE Slip-Coating
  7. Edge Trim/Edge Protector
  8. Self-Adhesive EPDM Foam Seal
  9. Self-Adhesive Neoprene Foam Tape
  10. 3M Tape Backed Sponge Rubber Profile
  11. Corner Molded Car Door Seal/Windshield Seal, Quarter Vent Seal, etc.
  12. Complete Car Weather-strip Set

Industries Served:

Automotive, marine, construction, aluminum and glass, heavy-duty truck, mass transit, railway, bus, electric appliance, agricultural machinery, etc.


Dense and sponge EPDM rubber, Neoprene, TPE, TPV, PVC, PP, PE, PA, etc.

rubber edge trim

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