Rubber seal/Rubber edge trim

Mar 28, 2015

Rubber edge trim/rubber seals 
-High quality Rubber edge trim
-Weather /ozone resistant 
-Ceritified by ISO9001:2000

Rubber seal/rubber edge trim/rubber weatherstrips/PVC rubber edge trim

Production description


Extruded Rubber Product


1. Sponge/Foam Extrusion

2.Solid/compact Extrusion

3.Co-extruded seal strip

4.PVC&Rubber compound extrusion

5.All these can be with metal insertion



Manufacture wide range of extruded rubber profile,rubber seals ,rubber strip,tubing,cord or custom rubber extrusion

Shape for Auto industry,mechanical,construction,etc,the extrusions also can be made in PVC.Our rubber extrusion includes but not limited,D sponge seal,rubber bulb,rubber U channel,T section seal,edge trim,flock lined rubber ,flat square sponge rubber,window rubber ,weahter strip etc.Custom design could be available


Rubber seals

Types of Rubber used in making rubber seals

  • Natural Rubber
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene
  • Fluoroelastomers Viton
  • Butyl Rubber
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Types and Application of Rubber Seals


  • Oil Seal:This is very common type of seal,it is used to retain oil and other lubricants in rotary applications and prevent leaks.Many of these seals function with a flexible lip that rub against the shaft or housing to prevent leakage by providing a tight seal.
  • Mechanical seal:This seal is used in applications that have a rotating shaft under a state of high temperature,pressure and speed,The mechanical seals are used to prohibit fluid leakage for mechanisms such as pumps,mixers,agitators and cryogenic seals.
  • Rubber O-Ring:This belongs to a class O-rings that are made from a synthetic rubber-like material called an elastomer,This is a sealing ring that has a circular cross section which can be either hollow or solid.The seal can be used as a secondary seal for many mechanical seals
  • Balanced seal:These seals are used to reduce the effects of hydraulic pressure in the seal compartment
  • Bellows seal:It is used as a formed or welded bellows which supply a secondary sealing and spring loading
  • Bidirectional pressure seal:This type of seal uniformly seal as a result of pressure from both is also known as "double balanced seal"or"reversible balanced seal"
  • Dynamic seal:This seal is used to stop leakage past components,when the components are in relative motion
  • Lip seal:This is considered to be a versatile and high-performance seal which is used for uniform,low-pressure sealing
  • Rubber Piston Seal:Rubber piston seals are used for better grip,with specified engravings
  • Rubber Hydraulic Seal:Hydraulic seals are exposed to hydraulic fluids and are designed for high-pressure dynamic applications.
  • Rubber U seal:U-seal,an intergral part of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.have a symmetrial lip profile with chamfered sealing edges.
  • Rubber V seal:This is a type of axial seal for shafts and bearings ,which seal axially against a counterface V seals are very reliable and effective against dust,water and oil splash and other meida
  • Wiper seal:The wiper seal is used to prevent the ingress of dirt,dust and other foreign bodies,therefore extending the working life of the rubber seal it is protecting.