Edge trim/auto trim/Rubber Edge Trim seals

Mar 27, 2015

Edge trim,auto trim,Rubber Edge Trim seals,rubber edge trim manufacture,rubber car door edge trim

1.Edge trim/ auto trim / Rubber Edge Trim seals
2.10 years factroy
3.oem order is ok
4.free samples is ok

Rubber Edge Trim seals manufacture

Product Name

Edge trim/ auto trim /   Rubber Edge Trim seals


PVC and EPDM Rubber


black, grey, yellow, red or as customer’s required


8*5.5, 9*6, 7*9.5, 6.5*11, 8*12, 8*13, 9.5*14, 10*15, 10.5*15, 12*16, 11*17, 14*18, 17*26, 15*13. Shapes and sizes can be customized as per customer’s request.



A: High flexible and plasticity, anti-aging, outstanding ozone performance, chemistry resistant, wearing-resistant.

B: Using range of temperature (minus 40 degree to 120 degree)

C: With steel, wire or aluminum insert and gripping tongue to achieve much more stronger gripping performance.

D: It is easy and fast to install.

E: Good looking (decorative), good sealing capacity and effective edge protection.



used for cars, tractors, buses, and other automotives; auto doors, windows, metal plate etc. to protect and decorative the edge.


Main function

waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect, durable, elgant apperance, convenient etc.


General packing is 50m per roll, 100m per roll, Inner plastic bag packed, Outer exportation Carton packed.


OEM and Sample

Is available. 

We welcome to your any inquiries, and our team will offer your prompt and professional service. Thank you!


Seals & Gaskets are made from a custom formulated TPV compound. These durable seals & gaskets are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes with or without adhesive depending on your application.

Rubber Edge Trim

Edge Trims are made with a flexible PVC and are ideal for tight radius applications. Edge Trims can also be ordered with adhesive for a stronger bond.

Decorative Edge Trim Guard

Decorative Edge Trims are easy to install and are attached with a hot melt adhesive system. Decorative Edge Trims protect and beautify any rough edge.

Fender Flare Trim

Fender Flare Trims are made with flexible PVC and are attached with 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape. These flexible extrusions conform to the curves in the fender flare. The trim is placed between the fender flare and the body of the vehicle.

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trims are made with flexible PVC and come in many shapes and sizes. These versatile trims can be used in a variety of applications and are attached with 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape.

Drip Rail

Drip Rail is made with flexible PVC and 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape. It is designed to channel dew and rain away from the vehicle and help eliminate water streaks.

Lip Guard

Lip Guards are made with flexible PVC and come in many shapes and sizes. These versatile trims can be used in a variety of applications and are attached with 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape.

Rubber Locking Edge Trim

Our Rubber Locking Edge Trim is a flexible PVC trim with metal clips and gripping flanges that simulate rubber.

Retail Products

Our Retail Products offers Trims and Seals in smaller footages for single use applications.

Tools and Accessories

3″ Trim Roller, TG Prep, 3M™ Adhesive Promoter Pad, 4″ Trim Cutter, 1 1/4″ Trim Cutter, Adhesive Removal Disc

Product Uses

Examples of uses for Edgetrim.com products

Our manufactures a proprietary line of extruded edge trims and extruded seals for the industrial, marine, automotive and furniture sectors since 1968.


Products Include:


Seals, edge trim, rubber edge trim, door edge guards, lip trim, lip guard, edge guards, fender flare trim, decorative trim, decorative plastic trim, hatch seal, flap seal, drip rail, plastic extrusions, rubber seal, rubber seals, locking gasket, van door trim, boat trim, forklift trim, golf cart trim, helmet trim, truck cab trim, fiberglass trim, fiberglass boat trim, metal trim, metal edge trim, sheet metal edge trim, computer cabinet trim, tractor cab trim, riding mower trim, machinery guard trim, sheet metal trim, playground equipment trim, boat console trim, atv trim, motorcycle trim, aircraft trim, utility trailer trim, truck body trim, automobile trim, car door edge trim, furniture trim, vending machine trim, pop trim, point of purchase display trim, display trim, running board trim, fender flare trim, rv compartment door seal, rv trim, bus trim, boat hatch seal, tonneau cover seal, pickup tailgate seal, pickup tailgate guard, tool box seal, tool box trim, unfinished edge trim, truck bed cover trim, car fender trim, spa trim, hot tub trim, camper shell trim, rv slide out seal, boat trim, motorcycle windshield trim, motorcycle windshield edge trim, door trim, extruded seals, decorative trims, trim guard, pvc plastic trim, welting, automotive rubber seal, boat seals, boat window seal, bulb seal, bulb seals, door rubber seal, flat seal, trim, trims, plastic seals, rubber bulb seal, rubber door seal, sliding seal, weather seal, weather stripping, rubber window gasket, auto trim, automotive moldings, rubber edge molding, auto door edge guard, auto seals, automotive rubber edge trim, truck trim, edgings, exterior window trim, flexible trim, gimp trim, upholstery trim, vinyl edge trim, body side molding, body side moulding, chrome trim, gold trim, colored plastic trim, spa molding, drip rail molding, soft edge trim, soft rubber trim, soft plastic trim, marine moldings, sharp edge trim, sharp edge guard, tractor cab trim, protective trim, lip trims, edge trims, custom rubber extrusions and custom plastic extrusions.


we specializes in rubber extrusions,extruded rubber seals.

Buy Edge Trims, Rubber Edge Trim, Plastic Edge Trim & we are recognized leader in the manufacture of edge trim, plastic edge trims, rubber edge trims and extruded seals.

Product Description



Rubber edge trim

Product name

car weather stripping , door weather stripping

waterproof rubber weather stripping




As customer’s requirement


Vary in a full range


-40℃ to 120℃


Shore A30 to 90

Elongation at break


Tensile Strength






Weather/Water/Oil/High and low temperature resistance

Shock absorption

Good sealing and damping/Good flexibility


Sealing strip for Door,Window,Curtain wall,Machinery,

Rail cars,Auto,Train,Subway,Steamship,Container,freezer car,etc.


OEM,Design,the customer logo service

Payment term


Delivery time

3-15 workdays

Price term



Woven bag and carton/as your requirement