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PVC Edge Trim

rubber edge trim for glass

rubber edge trim for glass,window rubber edge trim,glass rubber edge trim seal
rubber edge trim seal,rubber seal strip,glass window rubber seal strip

glass window edge trim strip

PVC edge trim in different applications, it also named extruded rubber edge strip,Edge trims,PVC seal strip,
PVC edge guard,PVC door seal,PVC decorative seal,decorative edge trim

PVC edge trim produced by good virgin PVC material and metal insertion or some aluminum insertion. 

rubber edge trim for glass

PVC edge trim used in different applications,it is also called extruded PVC edge strip,PVC edge guard,PVC edge protection,glass window edge trim strip,decorative edge trim,PVC decorative seal,PVC door seal,channel PVC strip,They are used as edge guard to protect edges.
PVC edge trim produced by PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) and it is flexible with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a stronger grip.
Our company can production many kinds of sizes and colors.
The Feature is bellow:
1.Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on any doors,windows, truck cab, tractors, ATV fenders, fiberglass,motorcycle, , sheet metal
2.Flexible PVC Edge Trim slides and it can be easily to grip any edge.
3.use for trim around windows, car doors, lids, and other edges.
4. Prevent leaks,shaking.

*Flexible PVC Edge Trim slides on easily to cap any edge.
* Prevent leaks, gaps, and vibration.
*use for trim around doors, lids, and about any other exposed edge.
*Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on RV doors, truck cabs, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles, ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal


Automotive Industry,Construction/Building Industry
Furniture Edgings,Marine Industry

Automotive door or window edge sealing,railcars,steamboat,industrial electrical equipment,,building industry,machinery,cabinet,cartain wall frames,slider doors, garage door edge guards and other places which need edge protective.  

rubber edge trim for glass

Trade Term:


Delivery time:

  1. 1.       10 work days for samples
  2. 2.       15 work days for mass goods

Packing details:

  1. 1.       50m/roll ,2 rolls/carton
  2. 2.       Standard export cartons,guard around added
  3. 3.       Wooden free-fumigation pallet

or as per your request


Technic Data



Performance Index


Shore A


Tensile Strength



Break Elongation





1.33± 0.02

Hot Air Aging  (70±2) °C/70h


            Hardness Changes

Shore A


            Tensile Strength



            Break Elongation



Water Proof  (80±2)°C/120h


          Hardness Change

Shore A


          Tensile Strength



          Break Elongation




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