rubber auto trim

  • rubber auto trim

rubber auto trim

rubber auto trim,rubber edge trim,auto rubber seal strip

rubber auto trim seal
1.Materials:EPDM/EPDM foam/silicone/modified PVC
2.Color:black,gray,red etc.
3.size:as your need

rubber auto trim



1.)Good elasticity

2.)Good anti-ozone, anti-aging,

3.)Good weather resistant,

4.)Good  fire and water resistand.
5.)convenient installaion
6.)shiny appearance

7.)Many colors are suitable. 

8.)Good tight dimensional tolerances and have excellent compressability,elasticity and adaptability to uneven surfaces.


Performance :

1.)applicability:for car,auto,door,windows etc.

2.)The rubber seals function:seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust,water or air to leak inside .


4.)Temperature:-40~+120  degrees 

Application Automative:  Ford , GM ,JEEP, TOYOTA Etc.

rubber auto trim