pvc or rubber edge trim for table

Mar 27, 2015

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pvc or rubber edge trim for table


 Data sheet,

Specific sheet of PVC compound
Item solid rubber
Density (g/cm3) 1.30~1.36
Hardness (Shore A) 70±5
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥9.8
Elongation at breakage (%) ≥350%
Hot air aging (70±2) ℃/70h heating loss ≤8
tensile strength change, % ≥-20
break elongation change,% ≥-20
Water proof (80±2) ℃/120h hardness change,Shore A 0~+5
tensile strength change,% -15~+15
break elongation change,% -35~0
Compression set (23±2) ℃/72h ≤45
(70±2) ℃/24h ≤60
Brittleness temperature ℃ no more than -35
ozone resistance stretch 20%,(40±2) ℃/72h    
ozone concentration no crack
Polluting light pollution
Causticity (100±2) ℃/24h not turn to black


1. PVC materials in different colors
2. insert steel sheet metal
3. with difference pattern on the surface
4. anit UV, aging resistance etc
5. with different hardnees
6. we have many different toolings, meet your requirement