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plastic edge trim

plastic edge trim manufacture from china,rubber edge trim seals,rubber seal strip supplier

Rubber Edge Trim

Rubber Edge Trim is a highly flexible trim made of dense neoprene rubber with excellent wear and ozone resistance that fits most tight radius applications.
Trim seals are all vinyl and rubber coated parts that give long-life protection against corrosion,noise and rattles.flexible aluminum core that forms easily and quickly for a perfect fit to any contour without pulling or stretching and providing a rubber seal against any surface

If it’s around a window,door and the boots, if it’s around a car, trucks, boat, or other fields, you can find our manufacture and we can solution all of this problems. are professional manufacture and we have many years production experiences for the rubber and plastic edge trims and supply for extruded rubber seals,plastic or rubber profile, we can provide good sevices for auto industry and the building industry.

Our main product are followings,

Pinchweld and Seals
Sponge Seal Strips
Pinchweld PVC Seals strips
Bulb Seal & Draught Seal
Rubber Extrusion Seals

Glass Install Rubber
Weather strips


Protective Trim Seals/pvc seals/Door Edge Trim/protective edge trim

1,Our Company always choise good materials such as EPDM rubber or PVC and other Plastic raw materials to extrude some kinds rubber seals and edge trims.
2,our seal product can reinforce the steel plate carrier and  strong the bondings.
3,our product have many kinds of colors to choose: red, black,yellow,grey, blue ...
4.our product can protecting the edge of windows , car doors,panel, glass windows, and the other's exposed edge, also used for protecting around glass in aluminum windows.
5,various color ,surface pattern for choice ,inside clips also can be supplied with various colors 
6,extruded together with the rubber EPDM sponge with metal inside , or co-extrusion itself with side bulb or top blister

7,the plastic edge trims can prevent leaks, fill the gaps, and avoid the vibration.
8,Our rubber seals  is flexible, the PVC edge trim slides on easily to cap any edge
9,inside metal clips make more permanent, providing a permanent grip on RV door, truck cabs,Golf carts, tractors, motorcycle, ATV fender, fiberglass, sheet etc .


Other products from our manufacture :  EPDM foam(sponge) seal strips,extruded rubber seals ,decorative rubber edge trim, PVC seal strip,rubber trim seals,weather stripping

Protective Trim Seal