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Plastic Edge Trim Car Seal

Plastic Edge Trim Car Seal,rubber edge trim,pvc edge trim,rubber seal strip

Plastic Edge Trim Car Seal

Compared with the traditional wooden, steel and aluminum profiles, rubber profiles have the following strong points:
1. Good endurance
2. Fine air proof. This means that it can save 10% of energy.
3. It can effectively reduce the noise outside compares to the traditional ones.
4. Rubber profiles are easy to process, and can save time and labor.
5. Some profiles are push-and-pull type
6. High elasticity material
7. It is convenient to store and easy to install,
8. This product is good looking
9. Available in various colors.
10. High precision & low tolerance
11. Good shape finishing

Railcars, automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, construction machinery, construction bridge and tunnel etc.
1. Automotive: Door, truck, truck crap, window seals spacers for wheel wells, window weather striping
2. Building products: Curtain wall frames, OEM window seals, door seals slider door seals, tract and channel seals
3. Window and door: Various door seals, edge guards, egress window frames, garage door seals.
4. Containers: Drums, barrels, safes and case seals.
Material PVC, etc. 
Inner material steel sheet
Shape density 
Color Black, white, blue, etc.
Hardness 20~70 shore A
Temperature -40°C~+120°C
Producing way extrusion
Usage Auto glass, car door and window
Features 1. High temperature resistance;
2. Ozone and waterproof performance;
3. Excellent weather and water resistance;
4. Anti-aging, anti-radiation
Quality Manage ISO/TS 16949:2009   and ISO9001:2000 standard

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