high performance auto door sealing rubber edge trim

May 29, 2015
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epdm, pvc materials
antiUV,high elastic,anti-ozone,wear rsisance
top quality and competitive price
vaious patterns and sizes

high performance auto door sealing rubber edge trim

1.anti-ozone, anti-aging,anti-weather, UV resistant
2.good elasticity
3.convenient installation
4.shiny appearance


*seals the door with the door flange firmly to avoid dust,water or air to leak inside the cabin

*It takes care of the door or body flange panel vairations and gives smooth look from outside

*The obvious function is shockproof. To reduce (or even disappear) door slam

* Excellent heat insulation;

*Excellent sound insulation;

*Excellent sealed performance;

*Perfect flexibility and anti-deformation, the ageing weather-resistant, resistant to ozone


*the use of a wide temperature(-40~+100) compound EPDM compact and sponge including metal fixture and the tongue-shaped clasp

*sponge bulb and dense rubber with flexible segmented steel core


*some kinds of car ,vehicle,yahcht,cabinet

we are prefessional rubber and plastic extrusion,molding rubber manufacturer,With fast development,we have owned over 5000 dies and are able to offer a huge range of extruded and molded rubber products, not only stardard rubber door seals,edge trim and waterstop,but also super large,small,wide parts.The material of our rubber and plastic products are available in many compounds including EPDM,NBR,Neoprene,Silicone,Viton,Natural Rubber,PVC,TPE,TPV etc.


The quality of our prouduct is aasured and the high standards required by the TS16949:2002 are continuously monitored by our QA department. Our modern factory own advanced extrusion machines are able to produce more than 50000meters rubber and platic sealing strip per day.According to the demend,PPAP level 3 will be provide for any profiles using in automotive industry .Fast mould designed and sample production will be stastified with the customer ,and quality inspection is our most important work.


In this website you will find many our stocked section of rubber extruded profile,but if you don’t find the product is this site,please feel free to contact us.

Rubber edge strip