Door Rubber Weather Seal

Mar 25, 2015
Door Rubber Weather Seal

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Condition: New.

You are looking at a high quality universal PVC door / boot / bonnet / edge interior exterior trim.

We can use the trim for around doors, lids, and about any other exposed edge. Prevent leaks, gaps, and vibration. Flexible PVC Edge Trim slides on easily to cap any edge. 
Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on the trim covers a huge variety of uses including: - car, camper, truck, boat, mini-van, van, trailer, bus, coach, lorry, motor home, caravan, truck, general engineering and domestic use. Fitting cars such as - Mini, Ford, Hillman, Vauxhall, VW, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citreon, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc 
Direct replacement, made of high quality rubber felt

Push-on installation, wraps around the edge of the sunroof glass

Seals the interior and exterior to prevent water, debris, and white-noise intrusion

Fits edges:See the picture show.

Trim Features:

-Push fitment

-No messy glue, sealant or permanent fixtures needed (i.e screws rivets etc)

-Just press on for a snug super tight grip, the flexible trim is metal lined and has grippy inner lips to provide a secure fitment

-Heat resistance,cold resistance,dust resistance,ozone resistance 
anti-aging,waterproof,isolator noise