Co-extruded Rubber Seals

Mar 28, 2015
Co-extruded Rubber Seals,rubber seal strip,weatherstrip,Cabinet Rubber Seals

Rubber trim seal,rubber edge trim,Cabinet Rubber Seals/Co-extruded Rubber Seals/Windshield Rubber Profiles/weatherstrip with metal insert / Rubber With Metal Inside/Automotive weatherstrippings

1. Using high technic, capability is better than all traditional seal strip.
2. Outstanding performance of sound insulation and reducing noise.
3. Excellent capability of keeping heat and saving energy.
4. Not reaction with all lacquer or cleanser.
5. Perfect flexibility in cold condition.
6. The color and specification can be customized according to customer

solid Epdm seals + inserting steels pine or wire carrier +sponge rubber co-extruded.
rubber extrusion + steel plate+sponge rubber ,glue together
--Open the mold as per the exact CAD ,Pro-E,Or Solid Works drawing,then use the pure rubber good quality formular,well control from Eaget Rubber Group during the extruding Process .
--Excellent Flexible,Good hand feel ,and Environmental Import Rubber material gurantee more than 10 years serve life
--Strong Packing for Export Rubber seals
Develop more than 10, 000 standard co-extruded rubber gaskets , which are usually ex stock or with very short lead times. 
we are specilize in manufacture of rubber extrusion seals,rubber seal strips
1. Flocked or 'PU' coated
Urethane rubber foam coated seal/Polyurethane rubber foam profile