Rubber Edge Trim,Car Door Edge Protector

  • Rubber Edge Trim,Car Door Edge Protector

Rubber Edge Trim,Car Door Edge Protector

Rubber Edge Trim,Car Door Edge Protector,car door rubber edge guard,car door seals,rubber seal strip manufacturer

Car Weatherstrips/ Trunk seal/ Bus Seal /Rubber trim seal



     Product Name:

Rubber Trim Seal, car door protector,Rubber edge Guard

  Place of Origin & Brand Name

EX brand


Made of Sponge EPDM and Solid EPDM, with unique metal or wire or Aluminum clip insert and tongue shape buckle;  Sponge EPDM and PVC


Black or as per customer’s requirement


So many kinds of sizes available by us.
OEM available. Drawings from customer’s available


Car Door Edge Protector Features:

1.     Good elasticity/ flexibility and anti-deformation.
2.     The unique metal/wire inserts with the tongue-shaped buckle, makes it firm durable and favors the installment.
3.     Excellent weather ability, anti-aging resistance, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-wearing resistance and chemical resistance.
4.     Excellent sealing performance Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust, bushfire   embers, insects, noise and rain.
5        Car Door Edge Protector Can be used in wide application temperature scope (- 40`C~+120`C)
6         Simple push-on fit in minutes - no clips or glue, which makes the fitting very convenient. Stronger durability and Longer useful life with no crack and deformed.

Function and Application:

   Main Fuctions

waterproof, dust-proof, sound-proof, insulation, shock absorption, decorative effect,durable, elgant apperance, convenient etc.


Car Door Edge Protector Mainly used on Electrical Equipments (such as electrical cabinet). Mechanical, Automotives (such as Railcars, automobile, cars, trucks, tractors, forklifts etc.) and Industrial Machines.

Product Name  rubber edge protector
Raw Material EPDM,silicon,nitrile,neoprene rubber,PVC,TPE,TPV
Color Black/Grey/ect or according to customers’ requirement
Temperature -40~170°C
Hardness 40~80 shore A
Tensile elongation Above 250%
Tensile strength More than 5.0 Mpa
Craft Best Vulcanization and Microwave curing
Produce Technique Extrusion or molded
Function reduce the noise,Dust proof,waterproof, antifreezing,Shock absorption,
keep warm, energy conservation
Used for car doors, boot, engine, low the wind and the sound of vibration door frame, window, forbid collision in order to make the outside noise low
Service We can produce the product according to customers' drawings or sample,design the mould and mixing in house

Rubber edge trim manufacture from china,used in automobile, cars, trucks, tractors doors

car door edge protector