U Channel Edge Trim Seals

May 20, 2015
U Channel Edge Trim Seals,rubber edge trims,rubber seal strip,pvc seal strip

U Channel Edge Trim Seals

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1. Material: Rubber/PVC
2. High flexible, excellent weatherability, ozone resistance, anti-aging and wearing resistance.
3. Three Types Insert/carrier available: Metal, Wire and Aluminum
4. Various colors available: Black, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange etc.
5. Easy and fast to install, strong gripping, good looking and edge protection.

Customer cares:

1. Features
A: High flexible and plasticity, anti-aging, outstanding ozone performance, chemistry resistant, wearing-resistant.
B: Using range of temperature (minus 40 degree to 140 degree)
C: With steel, wire or aluminum insert and gripping tongue to achieve much more stronger gripping performance.
D: It is easy and fast to install.
E: Good looking (decorative), good sealing capacity and effective edge protection.

2. Color Option: Various colors available, e. G. Black, grey, yellow, red, blue, orange or as per customer's requirements

3. Dimensions: 8*5.5, 9*6, 7*9.5, 6.5*11, 8*12, 8*13, 9.5*14, 10*15, 10.5*15, 12*16, 11*17, 14*18, 17*26, 15*13. Shapes and sizes can be customized as per customer's request.

4. Application: Used for cars, tractors, buses, and other automotives; Auto doors, windows, metal plate etc. To protect and decorative the edge.

5. Packing: General packing is 50m per roll, 100m per roll, Inner plastic bag packed, Outer exportation Carton packed.
Material PVC
Color Black, grey, white, yellow, blue, red
Hardness 65~80 shore A
Producing way Extrusion
Temperature -40~+140°C
Function For auto, vehicle, furniture, door, etc
Feature Resist weather, ozone, aging
Style compound
Package Carton