Rubber Edge Trim china leading manfuacture

Jun 05, 2017

Rubber Edge Trim china leading manfuacture

We call a kind of rubber strip to be "rubber edge trim" because it is often used on different objects, e.g.sheet metal,glass, wood,plastics,aluminium profiles etc,the main function is edge trimming protection.

edge trim can be made of EPDM rubber or flexible pvc etc.If the objects is installed outdoors,suggest rubber edge trim,to fit for various weather extremes;if the objects is used for indoor static environment,suggest more economical plastic pvc edge trim is enough functional.

rubber edge trim features

  • weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet)
  • flexible soft to fit for various channels and edges
  • chemical resistance,durable
  • wearproof,anti ageing

It is often extruded to be rubber strip,by co-extrusion equipment,with a fixed cross section profiles.It can be custom-made D/E/H/L/P/T/U shape rubber seal strip.For instance,u channel trim seal is the most typical one for multiple usage. This kind of rubber strip is imbedded steel slice inside to enhance better gripping and firmly hold onto the objects.The installation is simple,just push it on to the object,so it is also called"push on rubber seal"

Rubber edge trim has a wide-range applications,it is often used for sheet metal,countertop,glass, automotive,pvc edge,corners and various utilities and equipments trimming protection.

About us--rubber edge trim manufacturer and wholesale supplier

Well ours is extrusion rubber seals manufacturer.Our expertise is pvc/rubber extrusions products.Main product is:

  • industrial rubber profiles e.g.rubber tubing/bumper/water stop
  • extrusion pvc seals for door window and pvc extrusions profiles
  • rubber door seal and window rubber seal
  • automotive rubber seal extrusions
  • types of weather stripping
With 12 years producing experience,we worked with domestic automotive major companies via supplying automotive rubber seal strips. Reliable foundation of producing skill and precise quality standard has been built.