PVC Edge trim Rubber Extruded Seal

Mar 28, 2015

PVC Edge trim Rubber Extruded Seal,rubber trim seals,rubber seal strip

5m PVC Edge trim Rubber Extruded Seal


Top quality trim, 5m length.

Grips any panel 2-4mm thick without any other fastenings or glue.

12mm total depth.

The seal profile is as per the photo.

OEM quality with steel reinforcement. Will retain its shape for years and grips tightly.

This listing is for 5m of trim. If you order a higher quantity it will be supplied in one continuous length up to 50m. E.g. If you order a quantity of 3 then you will receive 15m of trim in one length.

They are used as edge guard to protect edges.
Our flexible Rubber and PVC trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a stronger grip, and it can be with the foam rubber to be co-extruded edge trim seals according to your actual need.
It could be also available without the internal metal according to your request.
It has many Applications as below:
Van doors Boats Forklifts Golf Carts Helmets Truck Cabs Fiber Glass Computer Cabinets Tractor Cabs Riding Mowers Machinery Guards Sheet Metal Playground Equipment.
( rubber trims, edge trim, trim seals)


Fender Flare Trim:
Fender Flare Trims are made with flexible PVC and are attached with 3M. Acrylic Foam Tape. These flexible extrusions conform to the curves in the fender flare. The trim is placed between the fender flare and the body of the vehicle.

Decorative Trim:
Decorative Trims are made with flexible PVC and come in many shapes and sizes. These versatile trims can be used in a variety of applications and are attached with 3M Acrylic Foam Tape.

Drip Rail:

Seals & Gaskets are made from a custom formulated TPV compound. These durable seals & gaskets are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes with or without adhesive depending on your application.

Rubber Edge Trim:
Edge Trims are made with a flexible PVC and are ideal for tight radius applications. Edge Trims can also be ordered with adhesive for a stronger bond.

Decorative Edge Trim Guard:
Decorative Edge Trims are easy to install and are attached with a hot melt adhesive system. Decorative Edge Trims protect and beautify any rough edge.