EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

  • EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

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EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip/EPDM foam rubber strip manufacture
our product features:smooth surface & elastic performance;
sound insulation
easy assembled
widely used on auto car door and windows

EPDM rubber seal strip

1.Material:EPDM Rubber

2.Stick around the doors and windows

3.Effectively insulating the sound,blocking the dust,preventing from collision and smoke

4.Anti-aging performance,which is the best in the existing general rubber seal strip

5.Excellcent weather proof performance and collision resistance

6.Good  flexibility in the low temperature

7.Variety of models:Type P,Type E,Type D


EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

Dustproof EPDM Rubber Seal EPDM Sponge + Coating Material

EPDM Solid+ EPDM Sponge + Coating Material

Co-extruded EPDM rubber seal

Material: PEDM RUBBER,EPDM Solid,EPDM dense, EPDM Sponge,epdm foam and Coating
Co-extruded EPDM rubber seals .
High temperature resistance : -55℃-150℃
excellent weather resistance &  ageing and chemical resistance
Our EPDM rubber seal size is available from 1mm to 150mm, we can product as the buyer requirement
Customized rubber profiles are available, customized sharps and colors

Our product features:

Products have smooth surface and elastic performance. And they are easy to be assembled.
Products are widely used on car door frame, car door and windows, hood, and decklid with the function of watertight, dustproof, sound insulation, heat preservation and decoration. Products are applied by many vehicle manufacturers here and aboard.

epdm sponge rubber seal strip