EPDM is widely used rubber materials

Mar 25, 2015
We are specialized in making sponge and soild EPDM rubber products. Various EPDM rubber products are supplied as client's requirements.If you  have any further detailed requirement, please surely let me know about it. 


Trade Names

EPDM Rubber strip

ASTM D1418 Designation


Standard Color



A copolymer of ethylene and propylene (EPR), combined with a third comonomer

adiene(EPDM), Ethylene Propylene has gained wide seal industry acceptance for its

 excellent ozone and chemical resistance characteristics.

Key Use(s)

Outdoor weather resistant uses. Automotive brake systems. Automobile cooling 

systems. Water applications. Low torque drive belts. 

Temperature Range

-40° to +275°F;Special Compound: -76° to +302°F 

Hardness (Shore A)

25 to 80+/-5


Good resistance to acids and solvents (i.e. MEK and Acetone).


Have no resistance to hydrocarbon fluids

comprehensive application

1,EPDM rubber products are used as sealing very well;

2,can be used in automotive brake systems,automotive cooling systems;

3,can be  waterproof;

4,a good product for vibration damping;

5,can be made into the pipe of washing machine;

6,aiso can be used in doors and windows and so on.


we are specialized rubber products manufacturer, which maked

a wide range of rubber products, such as pipes,  rubber seals, auto rubber parts,   industry rubber parts, 

rubber roller used in the wrapping machine, printing machine, etc. We has a group of highly professionals and experienced engineers to be in charge of design assistance, drawing draft modification, production and quality control etc. We have the certificate of ISO9001:2008.

EPDM goods,which is composed of adiabatic material,is widely used in the hotel,hospital,  residential buildings and industrial workshop indoor and outdoor hot water pipe system,more than ever,it is  reputed for reducing the heat loss effectively.And EPDM goods also has been proven to be the most suitable for outdoor pipe solar thermal material.

EPDM sealing strips will possess more advantages,When it is installed in places,requesting badly environmental protection,because it won't contain fiber material,asbestos or other fiber materials.

Due to above information,EPDM sealing strips are strongly advised to do the replacement ,compared to fiber glass or rock wool.

EPDM material sealing strip has the following advantages:

A: temperatures as high as 125 degree Celsius interval use of 175 degree Celsius

B:outstanding performance on resistance ultraviolet and weather

C:remained thermal conductivity

D:very low Bibulous rate and water vapor permeability

E:not need extra coat protective cover, Even in outdoor using

F:easy to install