EPDM Rubber Profile/epdm rubber seals

Apr 07, 2015
EPDM Rubber Profile,epdm rubber seal,extruded rubber seal
rubber extrusion seal,rubber seal strip manufacturer

we are leading rubber profile,rubber edge trim,rubber seal strip manufacture from china.

Custom Extrided Rubber Profile:

epdm rubber seals,Solid EPDM Rubber Profile
EPDM songe seal strip,sponge EPDM Rubber Profile
Dual Durometer EPDM Rubber Profile
Bulb Trim Seal with steel clip/steel wire reinformcement
Flocked/coated Glass Run Channel
EPDM Glass Run Channel with TPE Slip-Coating
Rubber Edge Trim, Rubber edge protector
Self-Adhesive EPDM Seal strip
EPDM Sponge Rubber STRIPS
Silicone Rubber Profile
auto Weatherstrips for door, window, winshield, hood and trunk.

Industries Served:
Automotive, marine, construction, aluminum and glass, heavy-duty truck, mass transit, railway, bus, electric appliance, agricultural machinery


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rubberedgetrims.net was established in 1999, which are located in xingtai city,hebei Province,China,we are specialized in manufacture and supplier of rubber and plastic seals,rubber edge trim, weather strip,rubber seal strips,pvc edge trim,and epdm rubber strip which are used in mechanical seals,automobile and car door seals, door and window industry and other construction industry,with more than 15 years experience and steady development,we has become recognized leader company of the rubber extrusions products in Hebei Province,China. We also produce and manufacture of pvc seal strip,rubber edge trim seals,rubber foam seal strip,rubber edge protection seal strip,and the aluminium window seal strip. These products are widely used in truck, car, shipping, railway, machinery, bridge, drilling industry, and other areas. The main materials are rubber, PU, PA, EPDM, PVC, silicon, NBR, BR, CR, TPE and ABS. Our company has already established good and cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers,door and window manufacturers..……


Co-extrusion,Extrusion, Compression molding, Injection molding, Splicing, Corner Molding

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  • Primary Door Seal

  • Secondary Door Seal (Body Mounted Seal)

  • Flocked/Coated Window Glass Run Channel

  • Waist Belt Line Weather-strips/Window Felts (Inner and Outer)

  • Door Sill Seal

  • Front & Rear Windshield Weather-strip seal

  • Hood to Cowl Seal

  • Hood to Radiator Seal

  • Roof Rail Seal

  • Quarter Window Vent Seal

  • Tailgate Seal/Trunk Seal/Boot Seal

  • Molded Corner 

  • Pillar Post Seal