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EPDM Rubber Strip

EPDM rubber edge guard

EPDM rubber edge guard,rubber edge trim,rubber seal strip

EPDM rubber edge guard

1. USP ,UL, FDA, ROSH or REACH approved
2. ISO9001 ,TS16949
3. Prompt delivery

1, Technical Specifications:






Mode of production

Compression and injection

Production Capabilty

Rubber compression/injection machines including 150T,200T,250T, 300T and   500T


The size and color can be designed by the customer

Rubber Compound

Can be UL, FDA, ROSH or REACH approved, and free test slabs and hardness   testers can be offered for customer's testing


Inner plastic bag/outside carton/wooden pallets

Payment terms

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal


Delivery time

Samples can be ready for shipment within one week normally. Production orders can be arranged specially to meet customer’s urgent demands



EPDM rubber edge guard
>Soild and sponge rubber profiles
>High strength good elasticity
>Bottom price and high quality

Rubber Edge Guard

Rubber Material: 


EPDM(ethylene-propylene-diene-terpolymer rubber)

EPDM as raw material, very strong anti-old chemical property, durable, convenient installaion, beauty appearance
EPDM as raw material, very strong anti-old chemical property, durable, convenient installaion, beauty appearance
a wide temperature range resistance (-40 centigrade~ +120 centigrade)

 EPDM material used to make surface smooth and, good elasticity, good foam evenly, waterproof performance of first-class, anti-ozone, anti-aging, bears the resolver performance to be good.

Rubber Features:


*Good Aging Resistance Capacity, Good Resistance to Ozone

*Good Resistance to Polar Liquid

*the Lightest Rubber with a Good Electrical Property

*high strength good elasticity rubber seal strip

*High and low temperature resistance, weather resistance


Rubber craft:


EPDM&Foam EPDM compound profile;

EPDM&Foam EPDM compound profile with wire insertion;

EPDM&Foam EPDM compound profile with metal insertion.

With different decoration vein;PVC&FOAM EPDM glued profile with metal insertion.

This structure gain a better sealing performance.



With carton of 45*45*15 cm, pallets

epdm rubber edge guard

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