EPDM edge trim for car door

Apr 26, 2015

EPDM edge trim for car door

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1.weatherstrip seal
2.resistant aging
3.good elasticity
4.convenient installation
5.high flexibility intensite



1.weatherstrip seal 2.resistant aging 3.good elasticity 4.convenient installation 5.high flexibility intensite


car door weatherstrip seal  EPDM rubber for glass edges  1.Feeather strip for car

atures: EPDM material used to make surface smooth and detailed, good elasticity, good foam evenly, waterproof performance of first-class, anti-ozone, anti-aging, bears the resolver performance to be good.


2. EPDM/rubber/foam series products:

,polyethylene foam rubber expansion joints hole board (filling board, caulking plate)


3.  product feature


The bulk specific gravity is light, the flexibility intensity is big, does not absorb water (substitution materials and so on tradition three oil four felt, bituminous wood sampan). The product environmental protection, the construction is simple, the anti-seepage, anti-leakage     stop the water effect to be good.


 4,the rubber  product  function:Anti-corrosive, bears the aging, to bear the high low temperature +80~-45 flow, not to distort, the embrittlement, the service life to be long.


Has the independent opening bubble structure,the handtailor joint plate outward appearance for the honeycomb-shaped hole uniform distribution, does not need to damage then merges into one organic whole with the cement/sealing strip agglutination, the adaptation nature inflation contraction change changes, the enhancement joint seal inflation stops the water effect.


rubber  product application scope

widely applies in the machinery, the windows and doors, the curtain wall, the river course, the dike, the harbor, the wharf, underground wells up the hole, the water conservation electric power, the airport, the bridge and so on each kind of concretes to stop the water joint project.


 Product application method

When construction this product may use many kinds of method uses according to the situation Longitudinal stops the water joint, level stops the water joint and other special joint use.



The construction curtain wall use rubber seal strip padmainly uses in the large-scale building's glass outer wall. Products without prejudice to the overall aesthetics of building under the premise of increased wind and water resistance of buildings, the external walls of solid glass structure, and enhance the safety performance of building. At present, the use of most species are EPDM rubber and thermoplastic EPDM rubber