EPDM door weather seal / rubber strips

Jun 19, 2015
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Rubber Seal Strip Performance:

1.Our products include:

(1) Silicone extrusion parts.

(2) EPDM extrusion parts.

(3) Electrical apparatus fire resistance rubber parts.

(4) High and Low temperature resistant rubber parts.

(5) Electric conduct rubber parts.

(6) EPDM foam parts.

(7) NBR dense parts.

(8) Silicone,EPDM molded parts.
Rubber edge trims


2.Function:Rubber seal could stop air, water and dust enter the machine system, which could protect the machine or parts to be healthy and working well.


3.Features:Excellent chemical and physical property, excellent oil, high/low temperature-resistant, wearing-resistant, oil-resistant, dust-resistant.

4.Application:Railcars,automobile,steamboat,industrial electrical equipment,building door& window,construction machinery,construction bridge and tunnel. Etc.


5.Specification:According to your requirements. 


Over many years manufacturing experience, we have an experienced R&D team. We could produce according to your requirements with the high quality and reasonable price.