PVC car door edge trim rubber seal with steel core insert with gripping tongue

Apr 29, 2015

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As one of the important part of car,the automobile rubber seal strip has been widely used in the car door,window,body,seat,engine case ,trunk and other parts. Its function is waterproof,sealing,soundproof,anti-dust,cool resistance,shock absorption,warm and energy saving.So the strong tensile strength and good flexibility is much needed, and also the good temperature resistance and aging resistance.

In order to ensure the strips and section bar fasten well,the sectional structure of the strips must fit for the section bar.

Please check following Types of the auto rubber seal strip:

 1.It can be classified to the following types according to the installation position: engine hood seal strip;side window sealing strip;sunroof sealing strip;primary door seal strip;glassrun channel seal strip;inner and outer waistline seal strip;trunk seal strip;anti-noise seal strip;anti-dust seal strip and etc.

2.If classify the products due to the sectional structure,there are three kinds of strips: One is solid core products(round,square and flat shape section products); hollow article and metal with rubber compound products, and etc.


Materials for the Skeleton of Seal:

1.steel banding;

2. Braid of steel strips;

3. Aluminium banding


Processing craft:



Light board;



Performance Indicators:

The seal strip performance is mainly related to the elements which affect the lifespan, such as sealing material performance and finished products performance. 


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