EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

  • EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

EPDM sponge Rubber Seal strip

Dustproof EPDM Rubber Seal EPDM Sponge + Coating Material

EPDM Solid+ EPDM Sponge + Coating Material

Co-extruded EPDM rubber seal

self adhesive rubber seal strip

(EPDM) seals forming a microwave curing process, the surface smooth and beautiful, with good flexibility and resistance to compression set resistance, weathering resistance, ozone resistance, chemical effects and a wide temperature range (-40 °C ~ +120 °C), excellent performance, has been manufacturing a wide range of automotive applications, such as walls and windows. Different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, solid body, as well as products with special properties, such as requirements, can meet the needs of design and use.


Description of product:

Performance rubber seal strip:
material Epdm/PVC/
Hardness 25-90 Shore A
Temperature  -40℃ to +160℃
Product way Extrusion
Color black/natural white/blue/green/Orange etc
Size according your drawing
Custom design We have own tooling design and making department,   we can do any range as your requirment. We are good at AutoCAD, 3D Max,   Coredraw soft,Photoshop etc. Free design service provide. All our sales knows   use these software.

1.  Can maintain its original  high sealing performance under High/low temperature.

2. Ozone and waterproof performance

3. Excellent weather resistant  and water resistant

4. Good elastic and Anti-aging

5.Non-toxic, safty and healty

6. dust-resistant and oil-resistance ,will never deformation

7. To meet your specifications and improve your product performance 

Delivery time 10-15 after customer's deposit
packing as customer's requirement

Material: EPDM Solid+ EPDM Sponge + Coating
Co-extruded EPDM rubber seal
Temperature Resistance: -55℃-150℃
Excellent weather, ageing and chemical resistance
Low friction, less flexible in length, noise absorbable
Size available: 1mm to 150mm in height and width

Customized profiles are available