Door and Window adhesive Rubber EDGE TRIM

May 31, 2015

rubber seal strip,rubber edge trim,Door and Window adhesive Rubber EDGE TRIM

Rubber edge trim
2.Anti-collision and long service life
3.Dust insect-resistant/waterproof

                                                              Rubber EDGE TRIM

Rubber Product name:


Door seal also named windshield rubbers , door weatherstrip,window rubber,co extruded rubber seal,door trim,rubber window seal,etc.


Rubber Material: 


Sponge EPDM(ethylene-propylene-diene-terpolymer rubber)


Rubber Specification:


We can provide gridding adhesive tape, sponge adhesive tape,3M tape,reflective tape,and other importing tapes.

Insect-resistant, windproof, and light insulation, anti-collision, waterproof, sound insulation, insulation, smoke

Hardness: 60 Shore A

Power:≥7 MPA

Elongation at break: ≥250%



Rubber Features:


*Good Aging Resistance Capacity, Good Resistance to Ozone

*Good Resistance to Polar Liquid

*the Lightest Rubber with a Good Electrical Property

*high strength good elasticity rubber seal strip

*High and low temperature resistance, weather resistance





Product usage:


  1. Packing material(Transportation cushioning material of precision machinery,medical appliances,furniture,glass etc, small appliances with protective buffer material)
  2. construction
  3. Transportation
  4. Thermal insulation, heat preservation material
  5. Sound proofing,moisture proof